All services are in US money amount, and some prices may vary due to travel expenses or other circumstances. For accurate/up to date prices please message us about what your wanting, and we can give you a price quote. 

Spiritual Healing Services

Reiki Massage in Person or Distance Healing $80/hr

Reiki 1st Degree Training/Attunement $125 (2 days)

Reiki 2nd Degree Training/Attunement $225 (1 day)

Reiki 3rd Degree Training/Attunement $300 (1 day)

Galactic Healing $50/30min

Crystal Grid/Crystal Skull Healing $50/30min

Crystal Healing Session in Person/or Distance $50/hr

Essential Oils Aromadome Treatment $20/15min (varies on oil and time)

Young Living Essential Oils Premium Starter Kit & Enrollment $165

Raindrop Massage $80/hr

Essential Oil Consultation with Samples & Report $10 each

Essential Oil Mini Healing Session $20/20min

Aura Cleansing Treatment $20/20min

Chair Healing Session $20/20min

Chakra Balancing Mini Session $20/20min

Psychic Chair Mini Healing/Reading $25/20min

Animal Reiki Massage $50/30min

Psychic Readings & Services

Galactic/Cosmic Reading $50/30min

Past Life Reading $30/20min

Past Life Regression $150/hr

Personalized Alchemy Fragrance $40/Varies

Clairvoyant/Crystal Ball Reading $40/25min

Psychic Reading via Email/Messenger $30/20min

Private Spiritual Coaching $100/2hr

Private/in Person Psychic Readings $25/20min (local, traveling fees extra)

Psychometry Item Reading $20/20min

Oracle Card Reading $20/20min

Talk to a Loved One Who Has Passed $50/30min (Mediumship Reading)



Paranormal & Blessing House Services

House Cleanings & Blessings $50/hr

Ghost Hunting/Supernatural Investigations $50/hr

Spirit/Ghost Removal from Physical Location or Person $50 (varies)


Other Services

Spell Assistance $5 Each

Dream Interpretations $15/each dream

Crystal Cleansing/Charging/Blessing $5/each stone