4" Sage Smudge Stick's (Variety)

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These 4" sage smudge stick's come in a variety of different styles. Some include or are blended with white sage, black sage, sweetgrass, blue sage, yerba Santa, mugwort, dragons blood, cedar, lavender, roses and lots more. Colors and thickness may vary, but they are all around 4-5" tall. Please use safely and responsibly. Purchase just 1 stick or a pack of 3. 

Prosperity Smudge Stick: Use to invoke good luck, well being and wealth. Perfect to use in your business or home to help attract prosperity in all its many forms. Mixed and wrapped with mountain sage, pine, & perfume sage.

Purification Smudge Stick: Use to purify and cleanse your home, ritual tools, car, or magical work space. Also great for blessings and purposing things. Very powerful purification blend mixed and wrapped with mountain sage, sage, & frankincense.