9" Blue Kyanite Bamboo Wood Wands (Medium)

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These handmade bamboo wood wands are created by Shaman Manoah Nova-Third Eye Creations and have been cleansed, charged, and went through a Shamanic blessing ceremony to use in magical workings, Reiki healing, decor, or just for fun. These are all different. Each one is around 9" tall depending on the length of the crystal/stone at the top and have been stained with a variety of different colors and have decorative accents on them, and others more plain to add your own unique accents on it to personalize it for what you're using it for. 

The corresponding elements of bamboo wood are longevity, abundance, divination, luck, protection, resilience, strength, wishes, life, friendship, and magick. In many Eastern martial arts, bamboo is used as a training tool as many different weapons were formed with bamboo, and due to this, some magical traditions associate bamboo with strength and the warrior’s path. In some Taoist rituals, bamboo is used as a wand in ceremonies calling upon water entities. In Japan, bamboo walls are believed to protect Shinto shrines from evil spirits. 

Blue Kyanite is one of four powerful kyanite stones. Aiding in the stimulation and balance of all chakras (especially Throat and Third Eye), this stone can assist one in improving psychic abilities such as telepathic communication and lucid dreaming. Blue Kyanite stones have a strong vibration that assist in opening the psychic channels and activating the conscious mind centers. Aiding in all conscious acts, this stone will help in the downloading of information from higher sources or planes. This stone merges between the 4th and 3rd dimensions, allowing its user to bring higher insights, guidance and information into the world of Form (physical realm).