11" Stick Incense (Variety)

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We offer a wide variety and selection of stick incense for different purposes. Most of these are around 11" (27.9cm) long and burn for around 30min however each stick may vary. Remember to not leave unattended, and make sure you have a proper holder to burn stick incense safely. Also, dispose of the ashes safely. Each stick has a variety of scents combined into it to help with certain magical properties. You can choose a 5 stick pack or a 22 stick pack. 

Healing/Purification Stick Incense: to cleanse your healing or meditation room, altar, house, car, massage rooms or products by running them through the smoke of this amazing smelling incense that's mixed with frankincense & myrrh to provide the much needed healing and purification wherever it's needed. These are beige colored stick incense.

Protection Stick Incense: Great for cleansing & protecting your home, altar, car, or items. Use to cleanse new items bought from antique stores before putting them in your home, use for circle castings to protect the area, run altar or ritual items through the smoke to keep them protected especially your book of shadows. Mixed with a variety of powerful protective scents to ward off negativity and dark entities or energy. These are also a beige color.

Fast Luck Stick Incense: Increase your luck and fast by running lottery tickets, scratch tickets for money, a sports ball or tool such as a racket to help your luck in a game, or other items through the smoke of this incense. These are a green color.

Jinx Removing Stick Incense: If your luck hasn't been so great or you feel as though patterns aren't changing and things are horrible you may have been jinxed or cursed whether in this life or another. Use this to remove all of that by burning it around you and your environment or things you're just not having any luck with. These are a blue color.

Money Drawing: If your in need of some extra money, run your wallet, lottery ticket, scratch ticket, money, through the smoke of this money drawing incense. If you are going to gamble or do anytime of things that could indeed bring you money, run your hands or even your clothes in the smoke and burn it before going. These are a green color. 

Mix: If you're not sure which pack to choose or you want to try out one of each, we have created a pack that has one of each in it. This pack combines 1 stick of each of the above incense sticks to use as you need. 

Random Mix: These vary on which ones you get and how many as these were over stock. You may get 4 money drawing and 1 jinx removal or other random mixes.