About Us

Welcome to our online & traveling family coven owned & operated Metaphysical store. We officially opened in January 2017 and have only been growing, so far our team consists of the following:

Sacred Jewel Julie is the sole owner of this store and has 16+ years experience in metaphysics, is a Wicca coven member, paranormal investigator, mother of Solis & Gavenia, natural clairaudient, natural healer, empath, certified angel communicator & teacher, past life regression coach, Usui Reiki Master, and intuitive. She creates a variety of our crystal jewelry, magickal jewelry, sage kits, herb kits, and keeps up with all the elaborate responsibilities of owning an online & traveling small business. 

Manoah Nova is a soul guardian, twin flame to Gavenia, herbologist, shaman, highly intuitive artist, spiritual drawer & channeler, Wiccan coven high priest, Usui Reiki Master, crystal healer, paranormal investigator, teacher in metaphysics, psychometrist and spiritual communications with the Gate Guardians & other galactic beings. A very strong powerful protector & healer with over 15+ years of experience. He creates a variety of channeled artwork, unique wood burned crystal grids/boxes, crystal animals, resin animals & designs, handcarved runes, handmade scrying mirrors, ouija boards, wands, clay creations, & lots more.

Gavenia Divina is a star child from Pleiades, who has 19+ years of experience in metaphysics, a natural born medium, 4th generation psychic, psychic channel, clairvoyant, clairaudient, sound healer, young living essential oil distributor, paranormal investigator, spiritual teacher of metaphysics, certified Isis High Priestess, Wicca coven high priestess, crystal healer & teacher, psychic development teacher, Usui Reiki Master, automatic writer, dream interpreter, psychometrist, past life regression coach, galactic communicator, certified Fairyologist and mother of 2 highly spiritually gifted children. She creates a variety of spiritual oils/perfumes, spell candles, spell kits, poppets, dreamcatchers, necklaces, wands, and other magickal items while also assisting with website & marketing upkeep, creating crystal cards/info, and taking product pictures.  www.gaveniadivina.com 

Amaiya Heartstorm is a natural empath, motivational speaker, manifestation coach, certified angel speaker, past life regression coach, paranormal investigator, Usui Reiki 2nd degree practitioner with 9+ years experience in metaphysics. She makes a variety of all natural soy based intention & zodiac candles with us and her business Mystic Lotus

Solis Bizark is a natural born telepathic, star child, Shaman, Egyptologist, Wicca coven member, Reiki practitioner, automotive & machine business manager, psychometrist, & teacher in metaphysics with over 14+ years experience. He assists with the traveling vehicle maintenance, the loading & moving of products, & helping at events.  

Our Story 

We specialize in personalized, cleansed, & charged products to help you and your family's metaphysical needs, even the little ones. We have a large selection of over 2,000 products. 

We started this business online as a family and a coven to bring back more of the metaphysical & magical shopping experience that we feel has been lost by so many other similar places. We hope to someday have an actual shop but are still deciding on the right place and fit for it, so for now we are enjoying the fun of traveling to different states and cities to meet so many new people in person at events.

All our products we sell are that of things we as a family & coven have used or needed and take into great consideration for other things as well but know that the majority of our wide selection of products are of things we ourselves have used or currently have because we needed them. We have read almost all the books in our possession that we sell and used all the card decks which is why we have decided to sell the ones we do, not just for profit but for their usefullness to help you and when you can't decide on particular books, card decks, crystals, or any other items of ours, we can better serve you when you need more direction because we simply know a lot about what we sell.   

Classes and meet up groups held by our Coven, are on a variety of topics and dates/times all vary, but if interested in joining our group or attending a class, message us for more information. We also have currently started an online magickal school Roots of Knowledge Academy LLC where you can meet likeminded individuals, take online magical classes that are go at your own pace, and connect with us through that as well. 

We have customers all around the world who have purchased products from us. We don't have a physical location, however, we are based out of Colorado Springs, and we do local events all over Colorado as well as surrounding states and can even meet up locally to give you products to save on shipping. See our upcoming events on our facebook page: www.facebook.com/EnchantedGenieLLC 

Our Mission: To provide people with their own knowledge & the tools to enhance their lives and the lives of others on certain topics within metaphysics, to include: the Wicca & Pagan religion, paranormal, shamanism, psychic awakening, and more, at reasonable & affordable prices so you can continue on your path of love and light in the easiest way possible with our guidance. We are also bringing back the magick of the elemental beings, the genie's and would like to spread their love and light around the world with others and to teach people that genie's are real & live on other dimensions with the dragons and fairies. 

Company Overview: We offer personalized, hand selected, cleansed & charged products in a variety of spiritual fields, classes, workshops, meet up groups, readings, Reiki healings & additional services. Whether your looking for a crystal to help you with your stress or fears, an oracle deck to receive messages from the Universe, a candle for your next spell, or assistance & guidance in a certain situation, we are here to help you from one family to another. We treat all our customers & clients like family.

General Information: Are you looking for certain divination tool, or altar item for your magical working? Maybe you want to learn about Wicca or a certain metaphysical topic but not sure where to start? Whatever the case may be, we can help. We can also do reiki massage, psychic readings, classes, house cleansings/blessings, crystal healing, herbology, shamanism sessions, and lots more. With our highly trained and certified staff, we are sure you will find the assistance you need to continue on your life path and release your own magick within. 

Psychic Development for Beginners Course

Are you wanting to communicate with spirit guides, angels, higher Divine spiritual teachers, or maybe even aliens, to enhance your spiritual development and growth?

This course is for the seriously committed individuals who want to take the next step in their spiritual development journey with guided step by step sections of in-depth learning material.

In this course you will learn beginning level spiritual techniques to help you to quiet your mind, and receive information in a variety of ways, while getting to know yourself more, release mental blocks that may be holding you back, and uncover your own natural psychic abilities.

You will dive into the different forms of psychic abilities, how psychics use their abilities, my personal experience in psychic development as a 4th generation psychic, and lots more with over 40 hours of learning material split up into 12 units packed full of guided exercises, hands on activities, eBooks, and more.

Ambriel Angel 101 Class

She is the Angel of harmony and enjoys nurturing those with her warmth and comfort while showing them the sweetness of the flowers. Learn who she is, how to connect and call upon her, and experience a visualization meditation to meet and have your own experience with angel Ambriel.

Acacia Herb 101 Class

There are many different types/species of Acacia. I will be introducing you to a few different ones, including the most common within this course.

Acacia, (genus Acacia), genus of about 160 species of trees and shrubs in the pea family (Fabaceae). Arabic gum is extruded from the acacia tree that is native to Australia.

In this basic herb 101 class, you will explore the history, medicinal, culinary, ritual & magical properties of the Acacia and how you can take advantage of its many benefits & properties for you and your family.

Selenite/Satin Spar Crystal 101 Class

Selenite, named after the beautiful Greek Moon Goddess Selene for it's moon-like glow, helping to connect you with the Higher Divine Realms.

Selenite is a common, must have for any crystal collector. Learn the reasons why and how you & your family could benefit from having this glowing crystal within your home.

Also learn some great tips for using, caring, cleansing, & charging them. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, you are sure to find some of these tips very interesting and helpful. Explore in-depth details on why this stone may help you.