Workshops & Classes

We offer a variety of spiritual classes and workshops on a variety of topics both in person and via online. Most of our basic workshops are $20 or under with tax and via eventbrite. We do offer FREE stuff as well in our private/secret group on Facebook that include: free guided video & phone meditations, spiritual protection learning videos, basic Wicca learning documents & videos to accompany them, once a week group card readings, and guidance/advice/or help. To be added to this group you must message us on our facebook page and we will add you to it as long as we feel you are a good fit for the group. 

Prices are per person and the videos & materials given are all copy written and can't be shared with anyone who hasn't done the class. If there's a class or workshop you'd like to see us teach, message us. We are currently working on a lot of workshops, so stay tuned for more as we update this.

$5/1hr Find Yourself Within Workshop (Manifesting & Positive Affirmations, Mind over Matter) Learn about yourself and the things that you THINK may be holding you back from accomplishing and manifesting your dreams & goals. 

$5/1hr Herbs for Changing Your Life Workshop ( A brief overview of 3 different commonly used herbs & a look into the more in depth workshop). Learn about how you can not only use these common herbs in recipes, but for healing, daily life uses, and more.

$20/2hr Intro to Herbs Workshop (A familiarization of a variety of herbs & a few uses for each) Learn how to use them in your daily life, history, Native American/Shaman uses, recipes, care of garden herbs, and lots more.

$50/3hr Basic Psychic Development Workshop ( A brief understanding & 5 techniques to help you start developing your own inner psychic abilities) Learn meditation techniques & exercises, spiritual protection techniques, visualization, and opening you up to receive clear communication with the Divine. 

$10/1hr Basic/Beginning Wicca Classes (Get a structured explanation on where to start and recommendations for great books for beginners, learn about important magickal key terms, get to ask questions and lots more) 

$20/1hr Intro to Psychometry Workshop (learn how to read information & imprints off objects to relay the messages to others) A great tool to use along side your psychic abilities. Exercises, techniques and get to try it out first hand during this workshop with one on one guidance & assistance.

$125/2 days Reiki 1st Degree Attunement Certification Course 2 Days in person (Learning to open up the pathways of energy to heal oneself and others using an ancient Usui practice) Get to practice on other students, get one on one guidance and assistance, print outs of everything, and lots more.

$20/2hr Intro to Automatic Writing Workshop (learn to connect to spirit & relay messages through writing or drawing while in a deep trance state) Get to experience deep meditation, trance techniques and practice communicating with your guides through automatic writing, plus, start using it to help you develop your psychic abilities.

$20/2hr Crystal Enlightenment Workshop (Learn the history about crystals & stones, tumbled vs. raw, how to identify certain crystals and how to use them in your daily life). Make a connection to the mineral kingdom and start using them in your life to help you with a variety of things.