Our Magical School

We have an online magical school called Roots of Knowledge Academy for spiritual families to learn and grow together within a variety of Wicca & witchcraft, paganism, and non religion based metaphysical courses that are go at your own pace. Enrollment is free, however course prices may vary. For further information or to enroll for free please visit the website https://www.rootsofknowledgeacademy.com/?msg=not-logged-in or see a sample of some of our courses below to enroll in them. 

In today's ever growing spiritual community, people are truly needing something to connect with to feel more a part of something even greater, as though they've been searching for it their whole lives, but aren't sure where to go or which step to take next. We'd like to welcome you to the Roots of Knowledge Academy, a spiritual school of lifelong learners striving to advance their spiritual growth with or without organized religion. This school has been created to help those who are going through spiritual awakening, those wanting to learn about a variety of spiritual topics, and further their spiritual development and growth with an open mind, and pure loving heart. Creating a family based community of like-minded spiritual individuals to be themselves and learn about spiritual topics without judgement or fear, while making new friends in the process. Uniting all of us on similar but different spiritual paths, with the same ultimate goal. 

This school continues to grow and develop offering a variety of courses and coming soon courses as well as many others that have yet to be announced, to stay in the loop, please enroll as a free student or enroll in one of our courses we have available to start learning. 

Psychic Development for Beginners Course

Are you wanting to communicate with spirit guides, angels, higher Divine spiritual teachers, or maybe even aliens, to enhance your spiritual development and growth?

This course is for the seriously committed individuals who want to take the next step in their spiritual development journey with guided step by step sections of in-depth learning material.

In this course you will learn beginning level spiritual techniques to help you to quiet your mind, and receive information in a variety of ways, while getting to know yourself more, release mental blocks that may be holding you back, and uncover your own natural psychic abilities.

You will dive into the different forms of psychic abilities, how psychics use their abilities, my personal experience in psychic development as a 4th generation psychic, and lots more with over 40 hours of learning material split up into 12 units packed full of guided exercises, hands on activities, eBooks, and more.

Ambriel Angel 101 Class

She is the Angel of harmony and enjoys nurturing those with her warmth and comfort while showing them the sweetness of the flowers. Learn who she is, how to connect and call upon her, and experience a visualization meditation to meet and have your own experience with angel Ambriel.

Acacia Herb 101 Class

There are many different types/species of Acacia. I will be introducing you to a few different ones, including the most common within this course.

Acacia, (genus Acacia), genus of about 160 species of trees and shrubs in the pea family (Fabaceae). Arabic gum is extruded from the acacia tree that is native to Australia.

In this basic herb 101 class, you will explore the history, medicinal, culinary, ritual & magical properties of the Acacia and how you can take advantage of its many benefits & properties for you and your family.

Selenite/Satin Spar Crystal 101 Class

Selenite, named after the beautiful Greek Moon Goddess Selene for it's moon-like glow, helping to connect you with the Higher Divine Realms.

Selenite is a common, must have for any crystal collector. Learn the reasons why and how you & your family could benefit from having this glowing crystal within your home.

Also learn some great tips for using, caring, cleansing, & charging them. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, you are sure to find some of these tips very interesting and helpful. Explore in-depth details on why this stone may help you.