Hematite Balls Magnetic


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Used for balance and protection, sometimes charged for spellwork and kept in a pocket or pouch until they break. They also make great toys just keep them away from electronics. They are approximately 1" and are the size of a quarter. They come as a set, meaning 2 balls per order. Each set comes with a card about hematite and in a velvet bag. Hematite is great for balancing the physical, emotional, and spiritual states of being, helps balance the meridians, great for divination, and helps to decrease negativity. 

Basic Ways to Use:

  •  Games/toys for children as they throw them up in the air and watch them connect
  • Carry with you to help keep yourself balanced
  • Hold while meditating or doing healing work to keep yourself balanced
  • Use to scry with in divination
  • Spellwork use
  • Healing