1" Shungite Pyramid (Unpolished)


Shungite is an ancient stone known to assist in adapting to new situations & people. When used ritually or in meditation can help to harmonize individual energy with the greater universal energy. It's particularly useful in transitioning from one phase of life to the next. One of it's most unique properties is it's ability to not take on a charge when exposed to electromagnetic radiation, high frequencies, or the influence of human emotions. Instead, it remains completely neutral, never takes on a negative charge and balances the left and right sides of the body. Is said to help a person sleep by grounding them to the earth, and is also considered a great detox stone. These pyramids are unique and great to place in the home or on an altar. They are unpolished and are around 1" tall. 

Pyramids are a form of sacred geometry have a square base with four sides that join in a point at the top called an apex. The energy of the crystal in a pyramid is amplified and directed through the apex. Pyramids are wonderful to use in crystal grids as the center-stone as they can help to collect and focus energy but you can also use them by pointing them toward an area that needs additional or concentrated energy, like a blockage in the body. The Pyramid shape increases and strengthens the properties of the crystal it's been shaped from.

Basic Ways to Use:

  • Place next to electronics
  • Use for crystal healing and on crystal grids
  • Carry with you for helping you adapt to new situations
  • Place around your home or bed to help ease worry & stress