Howlite Sphere


Howlite inspires attunement, prepares the mind to receive wisdom and insight, formulates ambitions both spiritual and material. Teaches patience and absorbs anger. Helps release attachments and opens up clear communication to the divine realms. These all vary in size. Sphere stands are sold seperately. The crystal ball has the energy of harmony and perfection owing to its spherical shape—the superior shape since ancient times. The ball also draws upon the crystal properties. Due to its perfect symmetry, a crystal sphere releases positive energy in all directions to raise the vibration of your space. The spherical shape also contributes to smoothing out chaotic environments by promoting a seamless flow of energy, so you can work efficiently under any circumstances.

Medium Spheres: 2" and 4" in diameter and are approximately 300 grams

Small Spheres 1 1/2" and 3" in diameter and are approximately 180 grams

Basic Ways to Use:

  • Hold while you meditate
  • Carry with you to help absorb your anger or the anger of those around you
  • Great crystal grids or healing