7 Chakra Stone Chip Bracelet


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This rainbow of colors stone chip bracelet is sure to help you balance your chakra's and aid with healing of all kinds. Small natural shaped and polished/tumbled stone chips on an elastic strand that fits most wrist sizes. The clear quartz stone chips represent the crown chakra, Amethyst represents the third eye chakra, Sodalite represents the throat chakra, Green Aventurine represents the heart chakra, Citrine represents the solar plexus, Carnelian represents the sacral chakra, and then Red Garnet represents the root chakra. Having the combination of these amazing stones will work together to help you stay well balanced, relaxed and focused while also providing additional healing that may be needed. Also a great bracelet to show your a healer, or that you are interested in the chakras and holistic spiritual healing. Stone colors and shapes may all vary. And we may interchange some of the stones listed above for example: instead of green aventurine for the heart chakra we may put green fluorite, or similar colored stone to represent that particular chakra.