8" Black Sage & Mugwort Smudge Stick


This is a large 8"-10" long black sage mixed with mugwort smudge stick. Mugwort has these following properties: anti fungal, clears the mind, relaxing, protection, spiritual cleansing, consecration, & other forms of spiritual workings, while black sage has long been considered a 'cure-all'. In the 17th century, John Evelyn wrote "a plant indeed with so many wonderful properties, it is said to render men immortal." Sage has also been used in baths to help soothe aching muscles and tired feet. Native American's started the tradition of using sage to cleanse & purify in a variety of ways, while also making it a part of their ceremonies and other things. Combine all of these things in one smudge stick and it makes for a very powerful cleansing & purification tool while also aiding in helping those who are seeking spiritual journey's.