Abstract Art Cabochon Necklace's


These bigger than US quarter sized glass topped cabochon art necklaces are each based on an even bigger unique art piece handmade by Manoah Nova-Third Eye Creations from his channeled acrylic pour artwork. Each one of these is unique and one of a kind abstract design.

The great thing about these jewelry pieces is that nobody in the entire world will have the same exact one and they have been blessed and infused with Reiki energy. Wear them as intentional spell charms or just as a beautiful unique piece of jewelry.

These antique gold, bronze, and silver colored cabochons have a beautiful metal design around them that frames the artwork within the oval glass dome. Comes on a 20" black satin silk cord with antique brass clasps with extender. A great meaningful and one of a kind gift. May or may not come with information card with channeled message for the artwork. Style based on the art and meaningful message it has to give.