African Porcupine Quills


These porcupine quills were humanly gathered, and are a great addition to many magical workings or to place upon your altar. Porcupines are associated with earth magick and allow you to access the earth for strength and guidance. Magically the quills have been used for protection against black magick. The porcupine teaches us that when that trust is broken and an enemy comes after us, that we have the inner strength to protect ourselves. These are around 8 inches long, and color variations and thickness all vary. Price is per 1 porcupine quill. 

Ways to Use: 

  • Cut one of the tips off to use for magical writing with liquid ink
  • Use to inscribe candles for candle magick
  • Defense magick
  • Altar décor & symbolism for rituals and spells
  • Cursing/Hexing magick
  • Inner strength & uncrossing
  • Protection of all kinds
  • Create into a wand
  • Magical crafts of all kinds