Amethyst Crystals Polished


Known as a stone of the mind, and to help prevent drunkenness' according to the Greeks. Amethyst brings calmness and clarity where there is anxiety and confusion. It helps one learn a variety of spiritual things and increases psychic abilities. Aids with protection, magic, healing, overcoming nightmares, and lots more. 

These beautiful tumbled/polished amethyst stones shine of purple beauty. Amethyst is a purple quartz. Keep out of sunlight as the sun can bleach it and turn it a lighter shade of purple over time. Great for healing, protection, intuition, meditation and lots more. Each stone is unique and sizes, colors, and flaws vary per stone. These stones are around the size of a quarter.

Basic Way's to Use:

  • Meditate while holding
  • Put in bath or on edge of bath
  • Place beside your bed to enhance dreams
  • Place in a room for protection
  • Use for crystal or spiritual healing's
  • Carry with you to the bar to help prevent drunkenness