Amethyst Crystal Generator (Polished)


These beautifully polished Amethyst crystals have been shaped into crystal generators and are great to direct energy out the top of the point either in homes & offices, crystal grid work, healing, magick, use as a wand, and lots more. Amethyst is a purple quartz so it does have many of the same properties as clear quartz, however Amethyst is great for protection, healing, awakening ones psychic abilities, self-confidence, inner power and growth, wards off nightmares, and more. These come in three different sizes. Some may have small visible drilled holes at the bottom that allow for wire wrapping for crafts or other things as its how we got them, however this does not decrease it's value and most are unrecognizable. If purchased online, one is chosen at random based on the size you ordered, however sizes, weight, & colors may vary. 


Small (lighter weight & are around 2 1/2 inches tall, & 1 inch or less thick)

Medium (heavier in weight, around 3 inches tall, & 1-2inches thick)

Large (heavier in weight, around 3-4 inches tall, & 1-2 inches thick)

Basic Way's To Use: 

  • Hold in hands while meditating
  • Place in home as decor
  • Use with Reiki/healing
  • Wrap with wire or cord for jewelry or wand making
  • Place on written desires or wishes
  • Use on Crystal Grid