Angelic Realm's Magical Essence By Gavenia


This amazingly powerful mix of fragrances chosen by higher divine beings channeled by Gavenia Divina with moon charged mineral water & crystals is great for connecting & bringing you closer to the Angels & heightening your spiritual senses. You can hold the bottle and feel how powerful it is for yourself.

This spray is designed to be used by spraying or applying it on oneself, around the aura, on clothes, altar cloths, or in any room to bring the presence of the Angels. Great to help cheer people up, spiritual healing, & more. They come in different sized glass bottles. DON'T Ingest, or put in a diffuser. Keep away from children, & some people may have allergic reactions to fragrances so be careful if you apply them directly to skin, please use at your own risk.

Magical Uses:

  • Wear or spray in the room when meditating
  • Spray or wear it when wanting to connect to the angels
  • Wear or spray it around you when you feel you need more joy & comfort
  • Use it when you are doing Reiki or other spiritual energy work
  • Use when doing any form of healing or angel magick