Apatite Orgone Pendulum


Apatite is a calcium phosphate mineral that helps with manifestation of things that are focused more on the future, awakening psychic abilities and an expansion of knowledge. Apatite will stimulate the intellect and brings ideas from the mind down into the earth realm through realizations. This stone allows for a deeper look and reflection into one’s self, seeking self-insight and inner clarity. A great stone for self-confidence, speaking one's truth, throat chakra, healing, and more. Orgone is different from actual orgonite. It's obtained by mixing three basic ingredients: metal particles, polyester or epoxy resin, and minerals. This pendulum is a combination of apatite stone and orgone. 

Pendulum divination has been used by many people years ago to help find water, lost objects, gold/minerals, and more. Remember to always cleanse, charge, and purpose your pendulum. Great for beginners and advanced.