New Orleans Authentic Voodoo Doll


These handmade authentic voodoo dolls were made in New Orleans and are 12" tall from the bottom to the tallest feather on top and each one is dressed in traditional attire with a gris gris bag and two needles. Heads are made of black cloth and painted. Instructions included but each of them can be used in any way you wish to purpose them, or simply just for decoration. Price is per 1 voodoo doll. 

Voodoo came to New Orleans in the early 1700s. Like so many things New Orleans, Voodoo was then infused with the city's dominant religion, Catholicism, and became a Voodoo-Catholicism hybrid sometimes referred to as New Orleans Voodoo. The voodoo doll is a gris-gris, but can be used as a religious object or a superstitious one depending on how the user treats it. The voodoo doll is a small, soft doll representing a person, though the extent of physical detail may vary.