Awakening the Lamp Wooden Plaque Art By Manoah

$20.45 $30.00

This magical & colorful 7" wooden circle plaque has the essence and spirit of the elemental Genies. Channeled by Manoah Nova and comes with a psychic interpreted message card that reads: "Inside the lamp, we await your contact. We abide to offer you wishes that can help you in reality. Gaze into this painting to see what it is you truly want to wish for. Guided by your higher self, we show you the way to prosperity, enlightenment, and happiness so that you may once again reconnect to what it is you've lost". Acrylic color swirls range from golds, pinks, purple, green, blue, & white. Great to use as a divination scrying tool to help communicate with the Genies yourself, décor in your home, or elemental crystal grid.