Magical Baby Fairy Balls


We work with the fairies and other elemental beings, and these are of our own unique creation with the fairies input. These unique glass balls may appear to just resemble that of marbles, however, we can assure you they are more than that as the fairies are able to come and go within your home using these to go into different spiritual dimensions as well as hide and not be seen, providing them a safe sanctuary while also showing them you want to connect & work with them. You can also gaze into them and watch as the fairies may appear to you within them, even if it is just a sparkle that flashes across within this ball.

Each fairy ball is around the size of a US dime, and colors all vary. They come with 1 small charm stand, in which styles also vary, to set your fairy ball upon. Place in an area where no animals or small children can get to it and you may see small nibbles off of it where the fairies have came to snack. These are great to place in indoor fairy gardens, set upon a fairy altar or other similar place dedicated to the fairies and other elementals, and occasionally you may even find surprises & gifts around it from the fairies showing their gratitude. 

Great to invite the fairies into your home or garden. Children will love these unique one of a kind fairy balls to place in their fairy garden or even in their room upon a shelf to welcome the fairies. Sprinkle fairy dust around the ball to help draw the fairies to the ball, but also help keep the fairies safe. When purchased, they are chosen at random and come with an information card. Keep out of reach of children under the age of 4 as they do present a choking hazard. 

These are newborn baby fairy balls said to provide shelter within for the tiniest of fairies. Fairies also love plants so if you have live plants you can also place them in there to help attract the fairies to take care of your plants. You receive 2-5 baby fairy balls with a mini stand for each of them with an information card.