Bio Transmutation Tile Painting By Manoah

$25.00 $55.00

This 6"x 6" ceramic tile has a Full Moon channeled spiritual painting and message from the moon & galaxy herself upon it painted by Manoah Nova. A one of a kind painting upon a ceramic tile with the energy of the full moon upon it. The message on the card reads: "We are the beings that live in your galaxies, and have the ability of biotransmutation, we can combine elements together to produce new elements, a thought once viewed as impossible, but not to us. The biosystematic's will soon prove to humanity that it is not only possible but can help you in so many different ways. Changing of ones outer structure and DNA is possible through the gaps to Enlightenment and spiritual awakening process....." (lots more included on card). Moon magick is amazing energy. Great to use when doing spiritual or spell work. A coaster, decor, or simply place upon your altar to allow the moon's energy to fill the area or magical working. Amazing acrylic colors & patterns look as though the painting is still wet.