Black Onyx Polished


These amazing polished black onyx stones are around the size of a quarter or smaller and can be used to help ground your energies after meditation or spiritual work, spiritual protection, absorbs and transforms negative energies, aids in the development of emotional and physical strength, useful in healing old wounds or past life issues, helps you to master your own future, & helps with self-discipline. You can also use this type of stone for divination purposes such as scrying. Each stone varies in weight and size. XSmall is around the size of a dime or smaller, the medium is around the size of a quarter.

Basic Ways to Use: 

  • Scrying/Viewing Divination
  • Hold after meditation
  • Carry with you to aid in weight loss
  • Carry with you for protection
  • Use for past life healing
  • Place in your home for spiritual protection and emotional & physical strength