Blue Kyanite Stone Chips


Kyanite is among the few crystals that are known for never needing to be purified or cleansed, for it doesn't store negative energy. It's used to help radiate positive energy, helps align and balance your chakras, aids in communication and psychic abilities. These are polished and are small stone chips to make your own amulet, sachet, spell bottles, magical crafts, and lots more. They come in a vial, and sizes and quantities all vary as each bottle is a little over 1oz. Price is per 1 vial shown.

Basic Ways to Use:

  • Carry with you to meetings and places where you need clear communication
  • Use on crystal healing grids
  • Use for healing
  • Hold the vial while you meditate to help awaken your psychic senses
  • Jewelry making
  • Create your own spell bottle using both some of the kyanite and bottle
  • Magical crafts
  • Satchels