Blue Quartz Tumbled (Synthetic/Dyed)


These tumbled blue quartz are synthetic & dyed, but due to the color and being of rock crystal, they still contain properties. They are said to alleviate fear and enhance creativity and expression. It has the effect of helping balance the throat chakra with the use of color energy healing properties, it can assist in communication and allow its owner to reach out to others. The blue variety of quartz, which is uncommon in nature, is clear rock crystal irradiated with gold or other materials to form a deep sky blue color. They are still unique and can be used on crystal healing grids, decor, and lots more. Each one of these is around the size of a US quarter.

Ways to Use:

  • Place in your home for decor
  • Put in a cage to wear as a necklace
  • Use for magical crafts/spells
  • Use for crystal healing