Boji Stones

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Also known as the Shaman stone, boji stones are composed of Pyrite, Palladium, Fossil and Petrified Bone and are found in only one spot, near a pyramid mound in Kansas USA. These stones have strong grounding and healing metaphysical properties.

They may be used in body layouts to clear the chakras and balance the male and female energy in the body, while also helping to attune to Mother Earth/Nature. These stones also facilitate telepathic communication with both the animal and plant kingdoms. Working with Boji Stones help to cleanse the subconscious mind of destructive thoughts and old negative thought patterns. It's the philosopher stone of the ancient Alchemy. The ridged one is known as the “masculine” Boji stone, and the smoother one is known as the “feminine” Boji stone. These two stones are said to promote Yang and Yin energy. These are of great size and weight, but each one varies. So many great uses and even stronger Earth energy to them.