Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft By Raymond Buckland


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This book is used train hundreds of covens and initiates, and has long been viewed as one of the leading authorities on Witchcraft and Magick. 2nd edition. This book has chapters that requires you to read then answer and take a mini quiz of questions that are in the book allowing you to write down your answers, to make sure you are obtaining the most important things out of each chapter. Some of the questions are even hands on such as creating your own athame and placing a picture of it in the book or draw a picture of how you want to create yours. Draw and color how you'd like your cloak to look, etc... It's a great interactive book that gives you step by step instructions on making your own altar tools and so much more. After each chapter there is also a further reading section where Buckland lists numerous online links and books to do further research. A must have for any wicca practitioner.