Cedar, Lavender, & Sage Herb Mix


A powerful mixture of amazing herbs that are great for meditation, relaxing, and cleansing. Each one with their own unique benefits, aiding in a calming mixture that's great for burning before doing any form of magical or spiritual work. Below are a variety of properties associated with each one in this mix. Comes in a seal tight glass vial for safe keeping.  These have not been evaluated by the FDA and we are not guaranteeing any type of cure, treatment, or relief from using this product in any way. Use at your own risk and be sure to consult a doctor before using. 

Lavender: Use in spells and charms to promote romance, passion, harmony, relaxing/calming, peace, joy, & healing.

Cedar: Use in spells and charms to promote strength, money, protection, healing and purification.

Sage: Burn for self purification and the purification of an area or ritual space. Bundle dry leaves or loose leaves to banish negativity and negative spirits from an area or home. Used in healing charms and incense. Removes negative energy. Use as an incense during protection.