Chakra Wisdom Book By Trish O' Sullivan


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Free your mind of negativity and forge a deeper connection to spirit with completely new practices and insights grounded in Eastern and Western psychology. Just as the body is able to heal itself, nature has provided a way for the mind to heal as well. Trish shares a system known as Traya--a unique practice that provides a new way of healing negative mind energy through working with the chakras. This process includes techniques for connecting to your subtle body and your inner teacher so that you can release negativity, reduce stress, and enter the stream of spiritual energy. This 252 page paperback book is filled with meditations and exercises for engaging the chakras, this book explores the key steps to working with the deep mind including: 

  • Mindfulness
  • Focus
  • Releasing Negative Energy
  • Letting Memories Come to the Surface
  • Receiving Positive Energy
  • Chakra Diagnostics