Charge of Atlantis Magical Essence By Gavenia


This amazingly powerful mixture of fragrances combined with moon charged mineral water & individually selected crystals was created by Gavenia Divina's Higher Realms Alchemy with the help of higher divine beings.

This fragrance is to be used to charge crystals, yourself, ritual area's or other items. It has uplifting aroma smells & crystals that are sure to really charge & energize your items or area. NOT to be ingested, or used in a diffuser. Keep away from children & if applied to skin be cautious as an allergic reaction may occur. Feel the powerful crystal healing waters of Atlantis with this blend & the help of powerful divine beings. Comes in glass bottles in different sizes and an information card.

Magical Uses:

  • Charging crystals, yourself, or ritual area by spritzing
  • Energizing/raising the power and energy in an area
  • Connect to higher frequency beings
  • Connect to the magick of Atlantis