Chime Candle Spell Kits


These chime candles were made by Gavenia and have been anointed & charged with the finest oils, herbs, reiki, & full Moon. They have also been purposed & inscribed with words & symbols for each individual spell. They are easy to do even if you've never done a spell before. The parchment paper around each one of them has it's own unique spell instructions for you to follow.

Very simple, just place the candle in the holder, unroll the spell, and read what is upon it out loud and follow instructions. You can also do this along with another spell or accompanying ritual or magickal working. Just remember that your intentions and how much effort physically and spiritually will determine how effective it will be.

Remember to also determine the best time, day and moon phase to do the specific working, however, any of these can still be done anytime and be effective without certain days, time or moon phase. If you want to push things away or banish something or someone Full moon-New Moon is the best timing, to bring something to you New Moon-Full Moon is best. Remember while doing the spell to ONLY think about the things you're wanting, NOT what you don't want. So if you're wanting money, don't say I'd like to be debt free because your still pushing the word debt out into the universe.

Basic Instructions:

  • Visualize yourself and your surroundings protected in a violet bubble
  • Cleanse and prepare your area 
  • Set up altar decorations (props) according to the spell (examples: love-flowers/hearts, prosperity-fake or real money, etc..)
  • Relax/Meditate & Focus on your intentions for the spell
  • Gather anything else you think you may want or need, including a candle snuffer, water, picture or personal items, herbs or anything else 
  • Place candle in the holder on a sturdy surface and away from any fire hazards, you may want to place a plate under the holder to catch the wax so you can burry it or keep it afterwards depending on what spell you do
  • Read the spell and follow instructions
  • Visualize what your wanting coming true and how it makes you feel and know that in divine timing if your intentions are pure and specific (ex: if your wanting prosperity in the form of money be specific to the amount your wanting and in what reasonable time frame)
  • Clean up and if you're not letting the candle burn all the way down then snuff the candle DO NOT blow it out
Candle Spell Kits
  • Love Spell Kit (Pink)-- To bring a new relationship to you, a new friendship, enhance more self-love, attract love into your life, world love, and any other type of love. (Note: you CAN'T make someone fall in love with you against their free will its the law of magic)
  • Creativity Spell Kit (Orange) -- To increase your creativity or help you in any type of creative project, spark new ideas, increase motivation and productivity
  • Healing Spell Kit (Apple Green) -- To heal yourself, send distance healing to the world or someone, animal or plant healing, and anything that has to do with healing
  • Prosperity/Abundance Spell Kit (Green) -- This may be a variety of things such as money, wealth, food, love, or whatever it is that you'd like an abundance of. Be very specific to the universe with this one.
  • Protection Spell Kit (Black) -- To protect you, those around you, your house from physical and/or spiritual harm, protect your car, material items from theft, banish negativity, banish someone or something, or anything similar
  • Passion Spell Kit (Red) -- Draw more passion into your love life, spark new passion, bring back the romance and spark to any relationship. 
  • Psychic Abilities Spell Kit (Purple) -- Help increase your natural psychic abilities, enhance existing intuition, helps to open/awaken your psychic abilities and more.
  • Angel Communication Spell Kit (Light Blue) -- Increase your ability to communicate with the angels, use while saying prayers or asking for things from God or the Angels, and higher divine realm communication.
  • Spiritual Shielding Spell Kit (Lavender) -- Working as a violet flame of protection from spiritual influences, protection from negativity, aura protection from others, and works as a spiritual shield.
  • Spirit Guide Communication Spell Kit (White) -- Increase your ability to communicate with your spirit guides, higher divine intelligence.
  • Tranquility Spell Kit (Royal Blue) -- Peace and tranquility, relaxation, concentration, focus, meditation, calming. Increase these things within your own life. 
  • Enlightenment Spell Kit (Gold) -- Increase your readiness to reach your full potential to enlightenment, connect to higher divine, spiritual awakening encouraged with this spell kit.
  • Talking to the Other Side Spell Kit (Ivory) -- Connect with loved ones who have crossed, connect with your ancestors, use as a memory to honor them especially during Samhain or De Los Muertos.