Money Drawing Stick Incense (5pk)

$1.25 $3.45

We offer a wide variety and selection of stick incense for different purposes. Most of these are around 8-10" long and burn for around 30-40min however each stick may vary. Remember to not leave unattended, and make sure you have a proper holder to burn stick incense safely. Also, dispose of the ashes safely. Each stick has a variety of scents combined into it to help with certain magical properties. Each pack has 5 sticks in it.

Money Drawing: If your in need of some extra money, run your wallet, lottery ticket, scratch ticket, money, through the smoke of this money drawing incense. If you are going to gamble or do anytime of things that could indeed bring you money, run your hands or even your clothes in the smoke and burn it before going. These are a green color.