Purification 11" Stick Incense (Variety)

$1.25 $3.25

We offer a wide variety and selection of stick incense for different purposes. Most of these are around 11" (27.9cm) long and burn for around 30min however each stick may vary. Remember to not leave unattended, and make sure you have a proper holder to burn stick incense safely. Also, dispose of the ashes safely. Each stick has a variety of scents combined into it to help with certain magical properties. You can choose a 5 stick pack or a 22 stick pack. 

Healing/Purification Stick Incense: to cleanse your healing or meditation room, altar, house, car, massage rooms or products by running them through the smoke of this amazing smelling incense that's mixed with frankincense & myrrh to provide the much needed healing and purification wherever it's needed. These are beige colored stick incense.