Clear Quartz Mini Skull


Clear Quartz is considered a "master healer" & multipurpose/multidimensional stone that is perfect for the beginner. Some of it's uses are intuitive development, psychic sight, healing, meditation, wisdom keeper and lots more. These skulls have a hole in them for you to put a cord on it and wear as a necklace or hang in your car or house. They measure around 1".

There are very few legends that cross over cultures and times the way the crystal skull legends do. They are contemporarily shared by the Mayans, The Aztecs, the Native Americans and other indigenous people around the world (and in philosophical terms, they are recorded in Atlantean and Lemurian Times). These legends have been handed down from generation to generation for thousands of years, which attests to their enduring power. Crystal skulls are amplifiers and generators of energy, and also store information like computers. A new crystal skull is much like a new computer – it is only imprinted with basic programs of the energetic properties of the stone it is carved from. It has also absorbed energies from the carver, and from anyone who has handled it. Crystal skulls can be imprinted with this energy simply by contact, and they can also be programmed with intention and consciousness. A lot of them even possess their own unique spiritual personalities.

They are our spiritual partners to help us, just as we help them. Don't just place your crystal skull on a shelf once you get it, as this may make them upset. Bond with them, meditate with them, talk to them, as you will come to notice they are very much alive in their own unique spiritual way. Take great care of them, by always remembering to talk to them, acknowledge them, and store them in a sacred space upon an altar or center of attention place within a room. Partner with them for energy/crystal healing, crystal grid work, magical workings, and lots more. Listen to them, as they may reveal their name to you, but if not, you may always name them yourself too.  All of our skulls and crystals get charged by our Covens large galactic crystal skull named Lakamuir who has traveled around with a Mayan Elder until a few years ago in which Gavenia is now his care taker and helps her do healings and a variety of other Earth healing rituals. 

Basic Way's to Use: 

  • Connect & communicate with it
  • Use on crystal grids
  • Carry with you to increase energy levels
  • Hold while you meditate
  • Wear as a necklace