Unicorn Magic Essence By Gavenia


This powerful fun, playful essence was channeled to Gavenia by the fairies and unicorns who wanted to have their own essence with lots of playfulness, silliness, and joy within it.

Enhanced with charged lake water, dream oil, fun oil, fantasy oil, mixture of other fragrances, charged moon water, crystals such as coral, aventurine, amethyst and lots more to help you connect with them, and to find more joy within your own life. Great for people who need to be cheered up or find their inner child to connect with their creative side once again. A sweet, floral scent that's great to spray in areas where you want to invite more happiness & playfulness. Also great to spray around fairy gardens to help invite the fairies and unicorns. Don't Ingest or use in a diffuser, some people may be sensitive or allergic to certain ingredients, use at your own risk. Comes with information card.

Magical Uses: 

  • Wear or spray to connect with the fairies & elemental beings
  • Wear or spray before meditating
  • Wear to bring out your inner child and playfulness
  • Wear or spray when doing any form of elemental or fairy magick
  • Use when doing magick with the unicorns
  • Wear or spray when connecting with the unicorns
  • Use or spray when doing any form of Reiki, or other spiritual healing