Crystal Hedgehog (Resin)


These handmade 2 1/4" long crystal hedgehog's have been created by Atrayus Earthly Creations and are unique in color & style as each one varies by the crystal colorations. Amazingly cute detail of a hedgehog. As a spirit animal, the hedgehog is a strong symbol of self-protection. They also signify intricate self-work, such as overcoming your challenges and finding your true purpose. As a totem, hold the hedgehog to remember that even the smallest creatures needn't be afraid of the most dangerous roads.

The ancient Egyptians considered hedgehog's to be a symbol of good luck They carried hedgehog amulets with them and had paintings of them on the walls of their homes. These are great for home or altar decor & carry good luck with them. They also make great gifts.