Crystal Resin Octopus


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This large 9.44 x 8.66 inch resin octopus is large enough for wall hanging, home, outdoor and indoor decoration, coastal decoration theme party and beaches etc. These are colored or filled with crystal stone chips. Handmade by Manoah Nova-Third Eye Creations.  It is known as a “stone of happiness” since just looking at Peacock Ore can make you smile! Creativity is enhanced by Peacock Ore's vibrancy. It uplifts our self-esteem by dismissing any doubts, fears or self-limitations we may have. This increases our morale and our willingness to try new ideals and experiences.

The octopus loves a voracious student, and will serve up profound lessons to those who seek them from her. Even the habitat of the octopus speaks of mystery and wonder. As a creature of the water, the octopus holds animal symbolism pertaining to intuition. It has the ability to move quickly and escape from the tightest of places. Thus, the spiritual meaning of octopus represents creativity. It encourages man to move towards one's goals in an unorthodox way. It also asks the man to lose his excess physical and emotional baggage.