Dandelion Salve By Gavenia Divina


Dandelions are considered weeds by many people, however, they aren't actually weeds, they are flowering plants that grow in many parts of the world and every part of them is useful in many different ways. It's said that dandelions are full of antioxidants. They contain high levels of the antioxidant beta-carotene which is known to provide strong protection against cellular damage & oxidative stress. Other benefits suggest they might be able to fight inflammation as the flowers are said to contain pain relieving & anti-inflammatory properties. Research shows that dandelions may protect against skin damage from sunlight, aging, & acne. This dandelion salve is great to use for a variety of reasons, even just as a lotion or spot cream on specific dry, cracked, and itchy areas on the body. You can also use it as a chap-stick for your lips.

These were also made using dandelion infused oil, cosmetic grade, grade A pellets, pesticide free, chemical free bees wax, and organic North American grown Cocoa Butter 100% pure-no chemicals or dilution & is loaded with vitamins K and E. Combining these 3 powerful ingredients and the charging of Lakamuir & other crystal skulls & Reiki with even more healing benefits they are sure to work great for you. Cocoa butter is great for cuts, burns, stretch marks, scars, fine lines, itching, and more. It provides deep moisture and skin repair while also strengthening and regenerating skin by enhancing collagen production. Helps protect skin from pollution, sunlight, and strong winds. They are a great consistency to apply to skin, however consistency's may vary. They also come in a variety of different sizes for all of your needs. 

NONE of these are evaluated or approved by the FDA, some may possibly experience allergic or sensitive reactions, test small area first, do not ingest, keep away from eyes, & use at your own risk.