Dark Fairy Queen with Super 7 Stones Light-Up Dream Catcher

$45.75 $55.00

This enchanting and magically unique handmade two hoop, dark purple, gray, black, and lime green dream catcher includes black colored string with black, deep purple, and lime green feathers with purple, brown, and black beads all around it, with over 15 Super 7 stone chips on it, allowing for bad dreams and negativity to be absorbed by the dream catcher, but also possessing strong spiritual protection benefits. It's also wrapped in green lights to use as a night light, and comes with batteries. It has a turn on and off switch. It's 19" inches long from the top of the hoop to the longest bottom feather, the big hoop is around 5", and the smaller bottom hoop is 2". 

This dream catcher was inspired by a dark fairy Queen who often calls herself Maleficent. Enhanced with Super 7 crystals, makes this a truly powerful dream catcher. Super 7 is also commonly known as Melody stone or Sacred Stone. This gemstone is so buzzing and lively that it truly takes you into an entirely new world—just like a little powerhouse of psychic energy. Super Seven removes the blocks that are holding you back from your life purpose, and stimulates the soul to its divine brilliance—Super Seven is a catalyst for expansion and transformation. It's a potent healing ally—bringing you protection, release of negative emotions and past patterns, and purification of the soul, allowing you to reach a place of clarity, focus, creativity, and positivity. This stone is a combination of seven different crystals, therefore carries the properties of all seven crystals as one. It is for the same reason that it is one of the most powerful stone available for healing & protection purposes. 

Dream catchers are circles because the circle represents the circle of life and how forces like the sun and the moon travel each day & night across the sky. Hang or place dream catchers in your bedroom or loved ones bedrooms and the dream catcher web catches the bad dreams during the night along with other negativity and is great to also act as a spiritual protection tool. When nightmares or negativity return, be sure to cleanse your dream catcher and even smudge it with sage to enjoy it's benefits once again. Created by Gavenia's Higher Realms Alchemy.