Divine Goddess Magical Essence By Gavenia


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This sweet & powerful essence created by Gavenia with the help of many different Goddesses is great to awaken your Motherly love to the Divine Feminine & woman empowerment. Helps bring out confidence, love, healing, and aids in balancing your feminine side.

Mixed with a variety of sweet fragrances, charged pyramid water from Egypt, Full Moon water, crystals and lots more. Feel the power of the Goddess by just holding it. Great for ritual magic, spells, or wear as a perfume to awaken your inner Goddess self. DON'T ingest, not recommended for people who may have sensitivities to fragrances, keep away from children and use at your own risk. Information card included.

Magical Uses:

  • Connect to the Goddess
  • Woman empowerment
  • Beauty
  • Emotional healing
  • Balancing your feminine side
  • Motherly love and connection to heal bonds