Writing Spell Kit's


These kits come with 1 colored quill to write with in the ink blood or you can use it for smudging, one 1 FL OZ (29.5ml) bottle of ink (not actual animal blood) just ink, 5 pieces of parchment paper and instructions. These can be used for spells, writing spells with more power, a love note, a vision board or goals list, or a magical powers list. You can use this in a variety of ways not just spells.

Dove's Blood Writing Kit: Great to write a love note, help attract a lover spell, promote self-love, love spells of all kinds and more. 

Dragon's Blood Writing Kit: Great for protection, banishing spells, writing symbols on things for protection, great to write in your book of shadows or diary with, and lots more.

Bat's Blood Writing Kit: Used in a variety of wish magick spells, dreams, goals, vision boards, and lots more to draw the things you want in your life or make things happen. 

Money Drawing Writing Kit: Used to draw money to you, increase your luck in money matters, great for money and luck spells.