Dyed Purple Jade 8mm Round Bracelets


These beautiful 8 mm dyed purple jade bracelets have enchanting & magical energy to them. They are elastic and fit most wrist sizes. Jade has been used for eons in China and Central America as an ornamental and religious stone of deep significance. Jade is a cleansing stone helping the bodies filtration and elimination organs. This stone supports the healing of hip and kidney problems. Jade brings out your innate healing abilities. It is a gentle healer that boosts your body's self healing powers. It helps to resolve emotional or spiritual problems that may be lowering physical resistance. Purple Jade is helpful in soothing the nervous system. It can assist those who suffer from hives, rashes or outbreaks that are exacerbated by stress. It's also great for awakening your psychic abilities & giving you a sense of magic and mystery.