Egyptian Prophecy Stone


These approximately nickel to quarter sized egyptian prophecy stones are great to use and work with or keep on an altar or in the home. Purchase includes 1 stone and each stone varies in style and size as they are natural. Prophecy stone is a fairly rare mineral, with only a few deposits of it having been found. It is a Goethite and Limonite psuedomorph after Marcasite, meaning the marcasite formed first and then over time was replaced by limonite. The light colored specs are either barite, calcite, or gypsum. 

This rare mineral is from Egypt’s Libyan Desert and is found in the same area as Libyan Desert Glass! Prophecy Stones are incredibly unique in that they are a pseudomorph of Limonite and Hematite after Marcasite or Pyrite. It is the stone of the Seeker and the Transformer and helps you transform your life and find your true path. This is extremely powerful visioning stone, and after you make a deep connection to it, you will receive prophetic messages. Use Prophecy Stones to enhance your thinking so you can think more clearly and open your Third Eye Chakra to unlock your deeper insight and wisdom.