Elestial Amethyst Points


These amazing and beautiful amethyst points are of a new find in Minas Gearis Brazil and are very unique. They still carry a lot of the same benefits & similarities as amethyst, however, these have little growth line phantoms in every one and Elestial amethyst is an extremely high vibrational stone that helps you attune to the vibration of Higher Realms and the beings there. Work with elestial quartz when a change or shift is needed in your life, and when seeking a stronger connection to Spirit and the angelic realm. These have amazing energy to them. Perfect for jewelry, crafts, healing, wands, and lots more. Sizes, colors, and shapes all vary, and points may not be perfect.

Ways to Use:

  • Wire wrap into a necklace or other jewelry
  • Use for magical crafts
  • Use for crystal healing
  • Use as a wand, or create it into a wand
  • Crystal grids
  • Hold while you meditate with the point facing you to draw energy to you
  • Hold to connect with the angelic realm and open the crown chakra