Elestial Smoky Quartz


Elestial Quartz is also known as Elestial or Elestial Crystals, Jacare Quartz Crystal, Alligator Quartz, and Skeletal Quartz. This is a type of crystal that's etched and multi-layered with crystals. The Elestial etching looks like a cosmic language, and with deep meditation and rubbing ones hands and finger tips over the etching, it enables one to connect with and "read" the crystal. What messages and information will the angelic realm have for you? A great crystal for overcoming fear, balancing ones self, and comforting. Each one is unique with it's own formations and markings and is around 2-3" long. Chosen at random. 

Basic Ways to Use: 

  • Carry with you when you are doing things in which you are afraid of
  • Place in your home for décor
  • Hold while you meditate to help connect you to Divine Realms
  • Rub your hands over the etching and it will help you to read the messages the crystal has for you.