Evil Eye With Coins Wall Hanger


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The evil eye first recorded about 5,000 years ago, has been found in many religions and cultures even still today, from Christians to Muslims, and even Buddhists and Hindu's. If someone was said to give another person the "evil eye" stare, it was a curse upon that person to inflict bad luck or harm. Having a talisman, which is also called "the evil eye" was said to prevent this curse from doing harm upon the particular person who wore or had it near them. The colors that are used on this talisman traditionally mean good karma, positive energies, and are great for protection. 

Placing this particular talisman in your home, office, car, or giving it as a gift to new mothers to be, house warming parties, or other similar events is said to keep you and others around it safe from harm, bad karma, and curses. These evil eyes which hand upon this talisman wall hanger are made of resin and it's accented with other smaller beads, coins and silver decorations. They are around 9-12inches tall. Styles may vary.