Fairy Garden Kit

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With Spring time & Summer, comes a time to embrace the fairies, elementals and more. Using this fairy garden kit helps to create a beautiful & welcoming environment for the fairies to visit. Get creative, have fun and connect to the elementals using this all in one kit. Fairies can help gardens grow, bring about wildlife, draw in prosperity in all its forms, and lots more. Create your very own fairy garden with this DIY kit with a planter, fairy house, fairy figurines to paint, LED lights, gems, stones, & more to decorate. 


  • create a unique fairy garden with this planter kit, and add your own fake or real plants to grow!
  • what's included: 1 garden planter, 1 fairy house, 20 micro LED lights, 2 plastic figurines to paint, 1 bag of gravel, 1 bag of glitter, 1 bag of gems, 2 bags of sand, 6 paint pots, 1 paint brush, 2 wooden sticks, 1 bottle of glue 1 sheet of stickers and instructions
  • pls note, example plants shown on package are not included.
  • ages: 6+ (adult supervision)