Fox in Forest 3D Hanger Ornament


This bigger than palm sized 3D hanger/ornament is handmade by our young coven member Atrayus Earthly Creations and features a fox in the forest. Great to hang on an indoor plant/tree, altar, or simply upon a wall using a thumb tack or screw. Each one varies & is unique in colors. A fox totem is a helpful symbol for manifesting more good luck, protection, fun, or beauty in your life.

Fox represents slyness, elusiveness, the mysterious, and adaptability. Some cultures, including those of China and Peru, suggest the Fox Spirit has God-like powers, and the Animal can shapeshift into human form. In Native American tradition, Fox is the fire-bringer who possesses healing abilities and has strong ties with Shamanic practices. Fox symbolism has ties to the Divine, supernatural abilities, holistic healing, and arcane knowledge. In other words, Fox is an exceptional Spirit Ally.