Frankincense Stick Incense (5pk)


Frankincense is a great spiritual cleanser/healer, an offering to the Gods, and a great way to attract the things you desire. It's scent is a mix of musty pine with notes of citrus and spice, with a woodsy aroma. It's an earthy scent somewhat similar to rosemary. When inhaled through the nose or diffused into the air, frankincense helps promote a sense of peace, relaxation, grounding and connectedness. It's the perfect companion for getting into a meditative, spiritual state. We offer a wide variety and selection of stick incense for different purposes. Most of these are around 8-9" long and burn for around 30-40 min however each stick may vary. 

Remember to not leave unattended, and make sure you have a proper holder to burn stick incense safely. Also, dispose of the ashes safely. Each stick has a variety of scents combined into it to help with certain magical properties. There are 5 sticks per pack/order.