Fulgurite (Fossilized Lightning)


Fulgurite is the name given to tubes formed when lightning strikes sand or soil. Lightning carries extreme amounts of static energy that gets released in one very small spot where lightning hits. For nearly an instant, the surface becomes hotter than the surface of the sun and crystallizes immediately. The heat of the bolt vaporizes the center of Fulgurite, leaving it with a tubular form. These tubes have also been referred to as “petrified lightning” and “fossilized lightning”. Fulgurite is one of the most power manifestation tools and has been known to bring intense energies and extreme experiences to anyone whom it may come in contact with. Fulgurite works exceptionally well when used in conjunction with Moldavite. These stones together enhance ones transformational process and puts us on the path to achieving our highest dreams and ambitions. Use to create a grid for manifesting, connecting to aliens or attracting UFO's, etc.. 

These fossilized pieces are different sizes and weights, however, each one is unique and different. We offer 2 main sizes small or medium.