Full Moon Glow Magical Essence By Gavenia


A uniquely channeled essence made by Gavenia during the month of Samhain/Halloween during the Full Moon when the veil is thinning and with the help of her guides. Connect with the energy of the Full Moon & all her mystery & magick. Allowing yourself to release attachments, negativity, and anything else that no longer serves your highest good.  Each batch has gone through a process of a ritual ceremony of intention and charging before they are ever added to inventory. 

Enhanced with river water, full Moon water, crystals: amethyst/citrine/onyx/ rose quartz/clear quartz, herbs: bay leaves/white pine bark/purification herb mix/yarrow flowers, full moon mist, night of jasmine oil, third eye oil, Moon oil, and a mix of other powerful fragrances to create this full moon releasing essence. A strong but potent fragrance to insure the release of emotions, attachments, and reconnect with your inner self.

Wear or use when doing rituals or spells that pertain to releasing, letting go, detaching, connecting with yourself again, getting over somebody or something, and dropping off old baggage. DON'T ingest, not made for a diffuser, or to be used on children. Some people may be allergic or sensitive to some ingredients so use at your own risk. Comes with an information card.

Magick Uses:

  • Spray or wear on wrist and neck before doing a spell/ritual for releasing
  • Spray or wear before doing a spell/ritual for letting go/detaching
  • Spray or wear on you when you need a good cry or release of emotions
  • Wear or spray on you to release negative attachments
  • Wear when you need to reconnect with yourself
  • All about the Moon Goddess, releasing, letting go, emotions, detaching, getting over somebody or something, dropping off old baggage, and connecting with yourself again
  • Great for spritzing in the area and wearing on you when performing spells or rituals relating to any of these things, or for a Full Moon release experience
  • Use to anoint candles meant for honoring the Moon Goddess, releasing, detaching, letting go, or connecting and honoring your true self